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4.0 Smart Sawmill

The smart 4.0 sawmill enters the area of Artificial Intelligence with FINEGA Group.

Since several years, 2D and 3D scanners & optimization systems have been used in different sawmill machines that operate individually without any real link between them or with the management systems of the sawmills or with the ERP computer. 

Thanks to new digitization technologies and to the incomes of Artificial Intelligence which have the capacity to collect and process a very large volume of data, we early considered in 2014 at FINEGA that a substantial increase in productivity and profitability was possible thanks to the digital optimization of the overall production process of the complete sawmill, and no longer at the level of the machines.

The concept of "4.0 smart sawmill" by FINEGA Group consists of digitizing all the sawmill machines, making them communicating with each other, collecting and centralizing in real time all the data collected from the machines in a big data computer, editing friendly using dashboards according to the manager's profile: Management, Production, Maintenance, order to make the information open and accessible locally or through an Internet Web platform network.

With its various modules, The OSIA 4.0 digital platform from Finega provides a global technical and robust software solution to the challenge of the smart 4.0 sawmills.

Several European smart sawmills are already running OSIA 4.0.


  1. Is OSIA 4.0 digital platform only for large industrial sawmill ?

Of course NO :  

Thanks to the automatic digital connectivity between the sawmill machines and the 4.0 OSIA Data Center in France, small and medium-size sawmills without and highly qualified maintenance personnel can acquire advanced and productive machines with guarantee of performance and efficient interactive support from FINEGA services.

    2.How to with high efficiency a Finega 4.0 sawmill          if we do not  speak French ?

No Problem !   Thanks to OSIA 4.0 technology, your 4.0 smart sawmill is always under control.

OSIA 4.0 and Finega services are connected to your plant, any trouble or lack of productivity is automatically recorded including video, digital data of your process and PLC, service status of each machine.

No lots time, no translator for meeting, no miss-understanding ….. OSIA computers does the job for you.

The main complimentary modules

Osia Reporting

Continuously assess the sawmill performance: productivity, recovery, profitability of each production order, effective production time, etc.

Osia Coaching

From the big amount of collected data, Artificial Intelligence algorithms assist you in the decision making in terms of production and contributes of the optimization of your process.

Osia Training

Thanks to the digital tools connected with our digital OSIA platform, your production and maintenance operators and your production managers are frequently trained at a lower cost than actual face-to face according to personalized training programs.

Osia Video

Thanks to the cameras on board the machines and installed in the sawmill plant, the detailed process is analyzed and recorded in real time. 

Osia Service

The monitoring and traceability of your preventive maintenance operations are organized and monitored. Thanks to intelligent sensors embedded inside the machines, our Predictive Maintenance Tools minimize unscheduled downtime and increase your sawmill productivity.


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