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Primary Breakdown

Since the French sawmill manufacturers MEM, GILET-M1TB, RENNEPONT, SEGEM, CIRIS & EGA belong to Finega Group in 2013, FINEGA is offering a wide range of highly productive equipment based on bandsaw, circular saw, canters and profilers.

Thanks to the well-known expertise of CIRIS and EGA in scanner and sawmill automation since many years, all machines are fully compatible with the SMART 4.0 SAWMILL technology and can be equipped with Scanner & 3D optimizer.

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A long-terms expertise developed for more than a century by the companies of FINEGA group. Today, high tension headrigs are equipped with the latest technologies for intensive and long-life operation.

  • A wide range of headrig vertical or tilted with dia. wheels 1400 mm, 1600 mm or 1800 mm

  • Solid cast iron wheels, stabilized in the oven and then left to rest for several months to release stress.

  • High blades tensioning : 20 tons controled by hydraulic suspension

  • Vertical motorized saw guide for a perfect blade guidance close to the timber

  • Single cut or double cut bandsaw

  • Automatic greasing of bearings and micro-spraying of the blade during the cut.

  • Auto-diagnostic with permanent temperature control of the bearings and predictive maintenance procedure by OSIA 4.0 system.


Thanks to MEM, GILLET-RENNEPONT and WILLIAM-GILLET expertise, FINEGA brand log carriages includes 2 models :

HERCULE : heavy-duty carriage designed for hardwood and exotic timber.

OREGON : Linear carriage suitable for intensive softwood logs sawing. 

Each type of carriage can be equipped with a Slabber as option and controlled by a 3D Scanner linked with a smart optimization system.

HERCULE for hardwood and exotic timber

  • Heavy-duty and top-line carriage designed according to the customer needs 

  • Up to 6 headblocks, vertical or tilted sawing, 

  • Hydraulic dogging of logs

  • Skewing of the logs by linear synchronized movable clamping dogs

  • Automatic lubrication of each movable parts 

  • Precise positioning of the headblocks by servo motor

  • Smart and connected technology with our digital assistant OSIA 4.0.

OREGON for intensive sawing of softwood timber 

  • Latest generation linear positioner carriage designed for intensive use 

  • High speed and accurate positioning of each knees by hydraulic servo-cylinders without any transmission, chain or pinions for maintenance-free.

  • Optional movable in length head block for long logs sawing.

  • Automatic "Pull-Back" function for perfect clamping of the timber against the headblock.

  • 3D scanner for fast and accurate alignment of the log controlled by 3D optimizer.

  • Intelligent smart machine connected all over the word to the digital assistant OSIA 4.0.


In order to meet the needs of each customer, FINEGA offers two chipping technology: 

- A multi-knives chipper head better suited for hardwood and exotic timber

- A straight knife chipper head for softwood timber.

- Whatever the technology, all FINEGA slabbers are equipped with a finishing circular saw for a perfect aspect of the cut.


  • Front circular saw diameter : from 550 mm to 800 mm depending on model.

  • Maximum chipping deep : up to 200 mm depending on model

  • Spindel power : 90 Kw à 110 Kw, variable speed

  • Automatic greasing of chipper head bearings


With more than 800 twins for round logs installed all over the world since many years, the MEM TWIN meets all customer needs.

  • Flywheel diameters of 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm or 1800 mm. 

  • Flexibility, accurate sawing and high performance 

  • Single machine or complete sawing line fully automatic 

  • All in one machine including round logs sawing and square cants resawing

  • "Reverse" function allowing the return of the timber between the saws for resawing

  • Accurate positioning of the saws by hydraulic servo-cylinders 

  • Semi-automatic infeed table or fully automatic feeding controlled by 3D scanner.

MEM CANTER and double-arbor QUAD

MEM CANTER and double-arbor QUAD are well-known used in many highly productive sawmills around the world. 

  • CANTER diameter 640 mm to 800 mm depending on model

  • CANTER Chipper head equipped with circular saw for perfect finishing of the cut.

  • QUAD double arbor circular saw for round timber sawing up to 500 mm diameter. 

  • Power: 90 Kw to 110 Kw on each side. 

  • Accurate positioning by hydraulic servo-cylinder

  • Different infeed and outfeed configurations depending on customer needs

  •  High productivity equipment


Thanks to 50 years experiences in the development and the production of the MEM TELETWIN with quarter turner and automatic resawing function, FINEGA presents the new up to date generation of MEM end-dogger : The innovative MASTERTWIN, 100% optimized and automatic operates without any operator thanks to an innovative robotized 3D log loader controlled by a 360 ° rotary scanner and a 3D real-time optimizer connected to the intelligent and connected digital smart assistant from OSIA 4.0.

Best in recovery !

  • Highly flexibility and productivity for random log sawing

  • No expensive log yard needed

  • Each log is scanned individually by the 360 ° scanner and optimally oriented in 3D.

  • Only one 360 ° rotary scanner for the entire sawmill machines, the 3D optimal cutting pattern is selected at the entry of each log and useful of every machines of the plant.

  • Band saw or circular saw technology.

  • Canter and profilers as customer needs

  • Smart 4.0 Sawmill technology 


Specific carriage for sawing “oak merrains” equipped with :

  • Laser line to easy skewing and orientation of the timber front to the saw

  • Independent headblocks equipped with 360° motorized rotation of the claws (dogs)

  • Single-cut or double cut band saw

  • Optimization system including color camera with wide format screen display.

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