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Sorting & Stacking

A global offer for collecting and recovering your timber waste

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TRIMMER for 2-side cants and 4-side sawn timber suitable for each customer needs.

Finega offers a wide range of Trimmers and mechanizations for trimming 2-side cants 

and squared sawn timber. 

  • Trimmer with CNC movable circular saws

  • Floating multi-blades trimmer

  • Semi-automatic feeding or fully automatic controlled by 3D scanner

  • Computerized system for controlling longitudinal or bin sorter

  •  Lage range of mechanization including single and double unscrambler or hedgehog loader.


The longitudinal sorting line is a flexible and economical solution for the automatic and computerized sorting of sawn timber. 

Each timber is measured and identified by a 3D scanner which determines the bin destination and records each sawn timber in order to fill orders in real time and the number of pieces per packet.

Thanks to the connected screen though Wifi or Cloud, the forklift is kept informed of the orders progress and the empty bins to be cleared.

The new generation of sorting lines are equipped with the OSIA4.0 connected digital system for friendly using remote supervision and management.

AUTOMATIC BIN SORTER up to 100 bins.

Finega offers a wide range of computerized bin sorters in order to meet each customer needs including mechanization, trimmer and stackers. 

All our equipment are controlled by a power-full computerized system connected to OSIA 4.0 smart sawmill system allowing Internet supervision, maintenance and remote management. 


  • Beams stacker

  • Pallet Boards stackers 

  • Specific stackers for stacking assembled pallets. 

  • Gantry stacker for heavy beams

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