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Resawing & Edging

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The worldwide well-known MEM resawing TWIN or QUAD BANDSAW is very flexible machine designed for resawing and splitting 2, 3 or 4 faces cants or deep boards in order to increase the yield and the $ value of the timber grade. The bandsaw technology allows slitting of deep cants or slitting timber in the vertical way with a reasonable electrical power and a thin saw-kerf compare to circular saws.

  • Flywheel diameters of 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm or 1800 mm. 

  • Flexibility, accurate sawing and high performance 

  • Single machine or complete sawing line fully automatic 

  • "Reverse" function allowing the return of the timber between the saws for resawing with high productivity

  • Accurate positioning of the saws by hydraulic servo-cylinders 

  • Semi-automatic infeed table including beams turner and automatic feeding

  • Automatic resawing line controlled by 3D scanner including the 4.0 smart sawmill technology.


Modular Industrial CNC Machines, powerful and flexible to meet all needs

  • Designer of the circular saw "forward sawing” technology with 4 or 6 movable circular blades located above the timber, MEM has revolutionized the edging and splitting of boards and cants up to 250 mm thick. The use of circular blades provides speed, durability and guarantees a very clean cutting faces similar to a planner. The single-blade sawing technology, which is easier to use and maintain, avoids the marking of “miss match” generated by double-arbor machines. 

  • The range of COBRA machines is available in 2 types: 

  • The COBRA STAR with 2 to 6 movable blades for deep timber up to 150 mm 

  • The COBRA REX with 2 to 6 movable blades for sawing deep timber up to 250 mm

  • Each model combines 2 to 6 movable saw blades and fixed adjustable sleeves on each side.

  • Lots of different configurations are offered:

  • Canter at the infeed

  • Separating devices at the outfeed

  • Motorized roller fence foe splitting 4 faces cants

  • Hydraulic lifting of the body for easy and safe acces to the saws

  • « Scan & See » infeed for edging end grading hardwood boards

  • Automatic feeding with high capacity up to 30 bords per minute

  • 3D scanner & boards optimizer connected to OSIA 4.0 smart sawmill system.


  • The Canter Resawing Machine combined with the COBRA STAR and COBRA REX Circular shifting saws machine offers a high productivity and flexibility for resawing boards and cants up to 250 mm thickness.

  •  - Canter combined with 4 or 6 movable blades

  • - Automatic sawing sequence including “reverse” function for 2 passes sawing

  • . - Semi-automatic feeding controlled by a remote infeed table

  •  - 100% automatic machine controlled by AUTOSCAN 3D scanner and optimizer connected

  •  to OSIA 4.0 smart sawmill system. 

COBRA MULTISCAN automatic edger combines a 3D scanner, an optimized trimmer with up to 12 liftable circular blades and a high-speed shifting saws edger and 2 stages separating device.

The combined 3D scanner determines the best $ value solution by reducing the length of a long and curved board or to split the board in 2 elements (different length) depending on the value of the sawn timber and the order to fill.This combined solution, already running in sawmill, guarantee a substantial increase in recovery and value of sawn timber.The new generation of COBRA MULTISCAN is now equipped with the latest digitalization technologies, connected machine, live monitoring and 4.0 smart sawmill cloud services.

  • - 4 to 6 movable blades

  • - Canter in option

  • - Trimmer with 12 liftable circular saws

  • - Sawing speed up to 300 m / min 

  • - Capacity: 30 to 35 boards per minute depending on the thickness.

COBRA MULTISCAN : HIGH SPEED AUTOMATIC COMBINED EDGERThe flagship of automatic edger technology made by FINEGA Group.


The « rolls royce » of the Multiblades

The COBRA multi-blade is equipped with a sawing sleeve of 370 mm or 450 mm capacity and powered by a 90 Kw to 320 Kw spindle depending on model.

This machine is heavy-duty built for intensive industrial work.

Thanks to its automatic raising sleeve, this machine can run automatically random different size of timber from 15 mm to 180 mm thickness.

  • Single arbor machine with circular saws above the timber

  • Powerful feeding drive by strong upper motorized rollers and lower motorized bed-rollers. 

  • Minimum timber length: 800 mm or 1200 mm 

  • Maximum thickness: 155 mm or 180 mm


The double arbor Cobra 450DA has been designed for industrial resawing softwood and hardwood timber with a sawing width capacity of 450 mm. 

This heavy-duty built and powerful machine allows precise sawing of squared cants at high speed. 

The 2 sleeves are automatically positioned in height according to the thickness of each timber in order

to distribute the power on each sleeve. 

Different infeed and outfeed systems are offered in order to meet all applications and specific customer needs. 

  • Overhead saws stalled power by 2 x 135 to 2 x 200 Kw electrical motors

  • The feeding of the timber is powered by hydraulic lateral motorized rollers synchronized with upper and lower motorized rollers.

  • Minimum timber length: 2m

  • Maximum timber thickness: 220 mm

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