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5 « RENNEPONT - FINEGA Group » bandsaws and carriages in action for rebuilding Paris Cathedral !

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Rebuilding the wooden structure of Notre-Dame de Paris

In the French “Aube” region, one of the forest regions well-known for high grade oaks, 5 sawmills equipped with bandsaw and carriages from RENNEPONT (Finega Group) strongly contribute to produce new timber elements for rebuilding the roof and arrow of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral .

In autumn 2021, the logs are sawn to provide beams and wooden elements for rebuilding the historical roof and arrow of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, after the terrible re which

destroyed its wooden structure in 2019. But we do not pass easily from a oak tree in the forest to majestic and specific beams supporting the roof of the

Cathedral. There are some intermediate stages among which the sawing

of high-grade oak logs.

There are beams up to 20 meters long !

Not every sawmill can saw that long high-grade logs. Thus, a certain volume was allocated to each sawmill according to their production capacity. The list of beams sizes determined by the architects in charge of the reconstruction of the Cathedral requires specific high-grade raw materials that must be selected in the oak forest and then sawn in the respect of a high recovery and a low waste. These structural beams will then be stored in the open air to follow a natural drying process until 2022 or 2023.

Exceptional High grade oak selected for Notre Dame de Paris

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